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Photomodel Sonny

Newstar Sonny 61

Here the boy as if playing with us, he wants that we had a taste of ice cream, which he eats, he shows all his views as it is tasty. And when we have wanted ice cream - is that we get it, then there is no place.
The boy in the photo knows it, his eyes were telling us: "Good? I have, as you have - no. "For him, it turns into a game, his task is to make sure that we also really, really want this ice cream, and then not give it.
Cunning, she knows what she wants. He knows that this is what we feel looking at the pictures, and of his view so clever. Sly and attractive!

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Newstar Sonny 53

Pretty boy openly flaunts the camera.
Boys-series models «NewStar» realize that they have taken for the fact that they are beautiful. They are working stylists who pick hair and, of course, a lot of attention is paid to the selection of clothing.
Please note - a spectacular jersey mesh-like usual style, but its size is much larger than the boy, she cut down, which opens flat stomach teenager. Its straps are not preventing us from admiring beautiful hands boy. Shorts too, not just faded and bright shades, with a specially made ​​"cut off" velvety edges. With that cut is not made, somehow, his form has been calculated specifically crafty stylists.
Now that the preparatory stage has been completed - it"s up to a photo model. Here Sonny fashion model fails - he is a professional, he knows what the public wants, and he heartily flaunts for the camera, sticking out the portions of the body, which the photographer finds particularly attractive. Professional and natural smile on her face - is not an angel. Angel with cunning eyes.

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Newstar Sonny 50

When no clothes, when the boy model is removed in some batches - the hook on the audience? In the suit, there is no understatement - the body can be seen immediately, the viewer does not have anything to think out ...
In such cases, the aid comes acting. Do not be surprised - Sonny-boy fashion model works as a real actor, because he has no entourage to set the mood. The mood of his character he can only pass emotions and position of the hands, and even feet. Here he sat down cross-legged, represents an insult, that he was cheeky pose shows "Victoria" in the fingers, so he put his hands and feet deep in thought about something. Finally, on the mood of many images he portrays the game face, eyes.
Only at the end of a photo shoot to the aid of a beach ball, which is also a model boy in his own plays.

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Newstar Sonny 21

Boy cover girl on roller skates
Simple photoshoot Model: photographer immediately gives a saving attribute you want to beat - roller skates. Please note - for this photo shoot is chosen deliberately simple clothes: shorts and white T-shirt. Of course, the stylist has worked here: the short shorts on stylish zavyazochkah, T-shirt and also shortened, tight. But the main object of play up - roller skates.
It set the tone skates photo shoot. Proceeding from the fact that you can ride on the rollers just sitting down and bent over, taking just such a fashion model pose. And it is not casual: with tense muscles of the legs, thighs tightened, manifested their relief. Strained abdominal muscles - also seen relief invisible normally.
Finally, are played sitting position. After sitting on the rollers is not easy, pursing his legs to lift them higher than usual, while also tighten your leg muscles, they manifest relief.
This photo shoot - an example of how a simple surroundings set the tone for the entire session can effectively, and at the same time to demonstrate the natural muscle groups that in normal shooting remain idle.

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Newstar Sonny 104

Beautiful 13-year-old boy with a naked torso in tight shorts. Guy in shorts posing for a photograph - he hide it: he"s handsome, and he knows it. A sports form only emphasizes his masculinity.

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Newstar Sonny 103

Handsome sporty guy with a good sports figure in his underpants.
Guy in shorts posing for a photograph - he hide it: he"s handsome, and he knows it. A sports form only emphasizes his masculinity.

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Newstar Sonny 83

Young metalhead. Short shorts and sleeveless shirt emphasize the brutality of the image. Boy really looks cool - on as much as a teenager can look cool in this outfit. Children"s shorts, naive person, curly hairstyle - gives it all baby.
Fun photo shoot.

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Newstar Sonny 41

Handsome guy in shorts and a T-shirt.
Transparent shirt best highlights the merits of male figures. Handsome guy: he is well built, tanned, trim ...

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Newstar Jimmy 4
In this photo shoot the boy shows his athletic physique. Advertising clothes should always provoke a buyer to purchase that benefit highlight strengths and hide the weaknesses of the body.
Europromodel Nakita, Stian 2
Beautiful wet teens nudists swimming in the river.
Teens-nudists like to show themselves, they do not hesitate to go without clothes, putting their bodies to the sun for even tan.
Newstar Milan 5
Cute boy 11 year old
Newstar Danny 64
A handsome young boy in shorts and a T-shirt with a working tool. In fotosesssii a play box - you can sit on it, you can lie next to him, it can be lifted.
Beautiful figurine child herself pos yourself look happy, and sports give the body a good shape.
Europromodel Xavier 1
"Boy undresses" - that could be called this photoshoot.
But what really attracts our attention? In the first shot the boy in T-shirt, getting ready to take it off. Here, striking his muscles in his arms, we understand that it is - a sports guy who is willing to stand up for yourself, for a friend or a girl. Therefore we do not expect to see him sugary "advertising" attractive face. The beauty of this guy just in the angularity of his face - the teenager in adolescence, it is still being formed. And the most important for any adult that would be its formation took place correctly. It is this and show us more photos of the photo shoot - trim athletic figure, where necessary - to pump up your muscles. That"s ideal for normal (note - the "normal" and not corny and advertising) teenager.
Newstar Danny 1
Workshop for choosing the right position Centerfolds. In this session, the child takes a variety of poses - some successful, others frankly bad.
This session can be considered a textbook, a visual aid for those who want to engage in child photography.
Europromodel Colin 2
Guy in his underpants. Sports underpants good for active games and activities - they do not hold down movements. Worn next to the skin, and therefore does not interfere with the performance of any exercise.
Europromodel Nakita 3
It"s no secret that subconsciously when you look at a naked model we pay for taking pictures is not something that draws attention, seeing the model dressed.
This photo session allows each viewer to check your perception. First model is wearing a suit. What do you look for? On the face, not her hair, the way they fit suits. After all, a little boy and a strict dress rare combination in real life.
Here is a boy in a jacket on a naked body. Why now chained your opinion? There was a strip of the body that it attracts attention. A flat stomach and a good press - they complement the image of models?
Just naked torso - what now drawn your attention? The line hands, bending shapes.
The boy in boxing gloves - this is the image of an athlete, from it we subconsciously expect is not what they wanted to see in the photo the boy in a jacket. Here, we expect to see a sports figure, sports rage in his eyes.
Finally, just a boy in swimming trunks. Here is to the fore the beauty of sports bodies.
In every situation - a different way, and the task of the photographer to do so that would be the same fashion model would be able to play, to display the image, to create a unique character.
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