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Photomodel boy

Europromodel Markus

Photoshoot on the street. Not all children like to sit, so that would emancipate the child - it is better to remove it while he knew the exercises.
Boy playing on the simulator on the street, and at this time a picture of his photographs. Not simulated atmosphere, natural posture.

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Europromodel Markus2

Almost naked boy willingly poses for the photographer. He has long engaged in sports, and now wants to show their success - his toned body, his muscles relief. He has the right - with the body he was not ashamed to go to the beach. It will take just a few years and all the girls would be it!
Beautiful athletic body boy pleases for the eye!

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Europromodel Markus 3

Undressing scene - how can it be beat? This can be a striptease - when the boy looks undresses himself - how he would look at the pictures. Or maybe just an everyday scene.
In this case, the boy had no grimaces, takes no special postures that would look better - it just undresses before you go to the pool.
Perfectly clean scene, without a hint of eroticism.

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Newstar Pavel 9
It is, rather, "antifotosessiya" - to show how wrong the flat light can make a pretty model faceless image. Compare this with other photoshoot photoshoots Paul. It seems to be all the same - the same model, the same hand positions, even the T-shirt with spectacular cuts. But boy here looks completely unsympathetic.
Flat light does not emit physique boy. Flat light standard lamp makes an attractive skin tones.
Hand positions deliberately chosen the wrong from the point of view of the photographer, they do not stress, but rather negate the advantages of fitness boy. Honestly, about Paul"s not to say that his body is perfect. But compare to how effective it had been filed in the previous session, and how much it is perceived unpleasant here.
A good example of how not to take pictures. They say that learning from mistakes, most likely, this session was created as a model for disassembly errors photographers.
Newstar Milan 5
Cute boy 11 year old
Danny 58
Beautiful wet boy in speedos. A boy of 12 years is very impressive looks in swimming trunks. Wet body is always beautiful - willing to use these photos for advertising photography. Tanned body is always good at the photographs
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