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Photomodel boy

Europromodel Markus

Photoshoot on the street. Not all children like to sit, so that would emancipate the child - it is better to remove it while he knew the exercises.
Boy playing on the simulator on the street, and at this time a picture of his photographs. Not simulated atmosphere, natural posture.

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Europromodel Markus2

Almost naked boy willingly poses for the photographer. He has long engaged in sports, and now wants to show their success - his toned body, his muscles relief. He has the right - with the body he was not ashamed to go to the beach. It will take just a few years and all the girls would be it!
Beautiful athletic body boy pleases for the eye!

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Europromodel Markus 3

Undressing scene - how can it be beat? This can be a striptease - when the boy looks undresses himself - how he would look at the pictures. Or maybe just an everyday scene.
In this case, the boy had no grimaces, takes no special postures that would look better - it just undresses before you go to the pool.
Perfectly clean scene, without a hint of eroticism.

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Newstar Danny 1
Workshop for choosing the right position Centerfolds. In this session, the child takes a variety of poses - some successful, others frankly bad.
This session can be considered a textbook, a visual aid for those who want to engage in child photography.
Newstar Sonny 41
Handsome guy in shorts and a T-shirt.
Transparent shirt best highlights the merits of male figures. Handsome guy: he is well built, tanned, trim ...
Europromodel Bogdan
In this session boy undressing removes suit and remains in his shorts . What happens to his image ? Boy in a suit - it is an official image, where there is almost no place identity, where all the visual work takes suit.
But here"s the boy takes off his shirt and puts on a suit on a naked body - and is an official costume hiding tender body . That shot suit - and the boy appears to us such as it is - it "s nowhere to hide , clothes no longer covers it .
But now our attention is drawn to his face , we were attracted to his emotions - we are interested in something that expresses his face.
Such interesting metamorphosis occur when undressing .
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